Barriers to Personal Change: How Bad Do You Want It

Barriers to Personal ChangeOne of the barriers to personal change is the lack of a defined goal along with the passion that drives you to reach that goal. People will either begin a project of change, only to have it fall by the way side, or will never start their project if they do not have a passionate reason to reach that goal. You just have to look at the New Years resolutions made each year to have proof that this is so.

New Year resolutions usually fail when made with an I have to frame of mind. You recognize that a change would probably be a good thing, and you may even start out going great guns, but unless there is a driving, passionate reason behind the change, it will fade quickly. Most who sign up for gym memberships as part of a New Year resolution start missing their gym times within 3 weeks and stop going all together within 6 weeks. Their lack the passion becomes one of their barriers to personal change and achieving their fitness goal.

What is meant by a lack of passion being one of the barriers to personal change? Passion can come from many places. It can be born of a need to escape or improve present circumstances. It can be born from fear, such as being told of a medical condition. It can come from a wish to contribute to another such as wanting to provide opportunities for children or loved ones.

Barriers to Personal ChangeWhen you are passionate about a goal you are able to visualize that goal as a reality. Your senses are engaged. You are able to see, hear, feel and taste your goal. Someone whose goal is to retire at the seashore will be able to see the water, hear the waves, feel the sand under their feet and taste the salt in the air.

A technique often used in addition to creating a step-by-step plan to reach your goal is to also create a visual picture of that goal and hang it where you will see it daily to remind you why you are making change. So get out the scissors and start making your dream into an inspirational picture. Ladies, please ask hubbys permission before cutting pictures out of his magazines. Gentlemen, that goes for you as well. Fuel your passion to achieve your goal until it is so strong it will overcome all barriers to personal change.

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  1. January 11, 2011 at 11:52 am

    These are my New Year’s resolutions: 1. Listen – support, challenge and listen to my inner self and others. 2. Patience – Have much more patience, God grant me the? tranquility to just accept the things I cannot alter, the courage to alter the things I can and also the wisdom to know the difference. three. Yoga-honor my body as a gift from God enjoying and celebrating with breath and movement. yeah four. Organize- Fantastic CD titled “Getting Things Done” assists me five. Church Lessons-Doing the most effective I can with the abilities I presently have.

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